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November 11, 2013 by NitroX infinity
Sad to say, I'm accustomed to forums behaving differently. Maybe I don't visit enough different forums, maybe Stardock is just being quirky. My main experience comes from the GalCiv2 forums and more recently the GalCiv3 forums so I'll use the latter one as an example.


- Recent posts: I'm on the GalCiv3 forum, why am I seeing posts from other forums? I replied in a StarControl topic, thinking it was a GalCiv3 topic. If I want to see StarControl topics, I'll go to ...
October 17, 2013 by NitroX infinity
Someone pleaded for Imperium Galactic War but I got some other suggestions for franchises Stardock might have a look at for possible acquisition.

Probably a longshot, but if I don't say it, it'll keep gnawing at me.

1) Imperium Galactica
This would make a great real-time counterpart for Galactic Civilizations.
(If you (Stardock) want to have a look, but can't find a copy, I've got an extra one plus a disc with all updates)

2) Fallen Haven
Turn-based game where you hav...