Published on November 5, 2013 By NitroX infinity In Galactic Civilizations III

There's a few things I'd like to see in the GalCiv3 ship editor. Things I missed in the GalCiv2 ship editor.

Though we were able to have items rotate, I'd like to see this taken a step (or two) further. I'd like to use the Klingon Bird of Prey as an example; when it flies around, it's wings are somewhat horizontal. When it's in combat, the wings are lowered and when landing on a planet (perhaps orbiting a planet in GalCiv3?) they are raised. Or what about Enterprise D's saucer seperation?

I would like to be able to make animations like that. You could have an 'aerodynamic' design when flying around and have the weapons pop out when in combat. At the very least I would like to have an option for items to move. Perhaps include a component with a hardpoint that moves back and forth along/on the component?

In GalCiv2 you could only move one component at a time. This behaviour was highly intensive work and downright annoying if you had attached a construction of multiple components to the wrong hard-point. Being able to select multiple components is a very handy tool.

Another annoying thing was working with symmetric designs. You'd have to create every mirrored part, component by component. The GalCiv3 ship editor definately needs a copy/paste function for multiple items.

Component Editor
There were several components in GalCiv2 which had improperly aligned hardpoints. Rather than bugging you, the developers, on fixing each of those, why not allow the users to edit them?

on Nov 05, 2013

I know for certain that there will be component auto-symmetry feature, so creating mirror symmetry should be much easier. That being said, it's probably not feasible to seriously augment the ship designer they have in development at this moment, maybe in the first expansion?

That being said, all of these are good ideas :3

on Nov 05, 2013

We will be doing some Ship Designer Reveals before to long, you should be pleased. 

on Nov 05, 2013

< says it all

on Nov 05, 2013


We will be doing some Ship Designer Reveals before to long, you should be pleased.